Bertrams Electrical Communication provides all of the products and services you would expect from your Computer Support Infrastructure Partner

Computer Room Set Up Specialists: - Bertrams many years of experience guarantees competency in design and installation with all services for your computer room. From building works to electrical, fire system to air conditioning all services are provided by the one responsible supplier.

Electrical Construction: - Bertrams are highly experienced in entire fit-outs, commercial construction and Computer Room fit-outs.

Data Voice Cabling: - Bertrams provides the latest cabling systems while having a strong working knowledge of all older systems and integration issues. Bertrams is endorsed by Krone as a 20/20 installer.

Fibre Optic: - Bertrams is endorsed by major corporations to install conventional fibre optic systems as well as the latest market innovation, Blown Fibre.

Telephone Cabling: - Bertrams is experienced and equipped to install and alter cabling for telephone systems.

Design & Construction: - Bertrams extensive experience in Computer Rooms, Office fit-outs and commercial installation ensures a cost effective, viable design for your project needs.

Explosive Atmosphere Installation: - Bertrams provides a design and construct service for explosive gas/dust environments.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Systems: - Bertrams years of experience with all the major brands of UPS units ensures you will get the right advice and system for your needs.

24-Hour Support: - Support for your critical installation from Bertrams and its network of Service Organisations.

Maintenance: - Bertrams offers a unique maintenance service. All maintenance contracts on complete data centres or computer rooms include annual reviews to keep you informed and ahead of needs for change.

Lightning & Surge Protection: - Bertrams has extensive experience and product knowledge on the design and installation of lightning and surge protection systems.

Additional Services Offered: - Bertrams broad experience and competence also includes:-

• Computer Room Environmental Monitoring Systems
• Process Controlled Air Conditioning
• Diesel/Gas powered Generator Systems
• Fire Detection & Suppression Systems
• Remote Area Installations
• International Installations
• Emergency & Exit Lighting Systems
• Safety Switches
• Raised Access Floor Systems
• Anti Static Systems
• Security
• Access Control Systems and
• Installation Audits
• Wireless LAN
• Harmonic Filters
• Network Switches - D-Link Reseller
• Video Monitoring via, Network, Internet or PC

This product knowledge and experience that can only be established over time. Bertrams Electrical Communication believes in the product and services offered and are confident you will also.

Finding solutions to IT problems, maintaining quality service and complete customer satisfaction is something the team at Bertrams Electrical Communication takes seriously.



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